Environmental, Social & Governance

Our commitment to the environment.


As our industry shifts to keep pace with the latest environmental and safety standards, our goal is to do more than just react. We aim to lead with forward-thinking solutions – the kind that have been part of who we are, from day one.

That commitment has already led to innovative products and services that we have deployed to help decrease the amount of waste we create, while also forging a cleaner path forward for GD Energy Products and the industry at large.

From finding new ways to renew and reuse hardware, to enabling the use of cleaner, more efficient fuel sources to power our industry-leading equipment, GD Energy Products is reshaping the way we do business. It's about discovering innovating approaches to what we deliver while reducing our overall environmental impact.

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Metal Recycling Program

GD Energy Products recycled 13.8 million pounds of metal in 2022, resulting in reduced waste to landfills as well as decreased energy and natural resource usage that goes along with manufacturing operations.

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Closed Loop Recycling

GD Energy Products partners with Closed Loop Recycling (CLR), a turnkey cleaning service that brings a state-of-the-art recycling program to GDEP facilities, allowing our teams to reuse and recycle freshly laundered oil absorbents, rags and personal protective equipment (PPE). Tailored to fit each site’s unique needs, this companywide initiative offers increased sustainability and cost savings in our operations, reduced waste in landfills, and also aids in safety and productivity for our team. CLR handles the site collection and heavy lifting so our team can focus on serving our customers.

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Coolant Reclamation Program

GD Energy Products Coolant Reclamation Program allows for coolant to be reclaimed and reused during the typical machining process – providing significant cost and material savings, creating a more safe and sustainable operation.

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Plunger Remanufacturing Program

GD Energy Product’s plunger remanufacturing program reconditions used plungers to original factory condition – delivering a more sustainable recycling process and reducing environmental waste.

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Alternative Fuel Capability

Alternative Fuel Capability

Our latest Thunder 5000 Series pump delivers more energy efficient performance by enabling the ability to drive performance through electric, dual fuel and gas turbine engines. It represents another step in delivering solutions that encourage greater environmental stewardship across the industry.

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Core Exchange Program

Core Exchange Program

GDEP’s Core Exchange Program allows you to recycle your failed power end for a fully remanufactured, factory-certified core replacement unit. Designed to get our customers back up and running faster, GDEP will ship a recertified unit the next day, assembled with OEM parts and painted to you specifications. Our power end recycling program saves both time and money at the fraction of the price of a new pump while keeping this heavy equipment out of landfills and junkyards.

GD Energy Products strives to provide the best value for our customers while delivering sustainable solutions that decrease your operational costs and impact to the environment..

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Community Engagement

GD Energy Products believes in supporting our communities through company-wide involvement in programs that allow our staff to grow, network and participate in charitable efforts while giving back to a good cause.

Through GDEP’s Community Investment Program and Volunteer Time Off policy, employees have the opportunity to positively impact local communities while receiving paid volunteer hours and sponsorships. The GDEP Community Investment Program allows our team to serve our communities by nominating charities of choice for grant support.

In addition, GDEP offers college students an opportunity to participate in our summer internship program, which allows them gain real world experience. Our involvement in various industry associations and events also supports nonprofit organizations that provide educational resources and scholarships to students across the globe.

GDEP strives to increase engagement among our staff while making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.

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Diversity & Inclusion

GDEP is committed to creating a workplace culture that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”). Through continued leadership commitment, accountability, and total workforce engagement, it is our goal to cultivate a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential, feel valued and supported. View the GDEP DEI Principles here.

Diversity in numbers:

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Employee Engagement

GDEP sponsors 10 days of leadership training and offers a unique mentorship opportunity through a management development program called Rising Star. The Rising Star program nominates select employees early in their careers with significant leadership potential at GDEP. Over the 10-day program, Rising Stars are exposed to cross-functional leadership, mentors, presentation skills and financial training.

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GDEP believes in being good stewards of the environment and we have taken an active role in reducing our carbon footprint with a number of initiatives currently in motion. These include projects such as lighting transitions from florescent to more efficient LED bulbs, ongoing investments in operational efficiencies, responsible water management across our facilities, and various recycling programs including used oil, gloves and equipment pads. We also evaluate our company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint inclusive of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions each year and use the data to find additional ways to continue to reduce our impact.

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Safety is our top priority – We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all team members by fostering and promoting a culture of safety throughout our company. Learn more about our safety culture by reviewing the GDEP Safety Commitment.

The GDEP team abides by the Cardinal Safety Rules that serve as constant reminders of our comprehensive HSE policies and procedures. Employees are empowered with Stop Work Authority, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task at hand, and participate in behavior-based safety and hazard-recognition programs monthly.

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