Pump University

Pump University, Gardner Denver’s newest service offering, is a mobile classroom that travels to a customer’s facility and trains employees how to properly maintain pumping equipment.PumpUniversity

Currently, classes are available for both the TLS10 fluid end and the SGWS fluid end and are open to all Gardner Denver customers.

Graduates of the program have found that their newly improved maintenance skills have extended the life of the fluid ends on their site. Beyond increasing the lifespan of their fluid ends, customers have also seen benefits in the form of lower repair costs, decreased production costs and a reduction in workplace hazards.

Pump University’s knowledgeable instructors teach customers valuable maintenance tips through workbooks, visual presentations and hands-on training. Each three hour class can accommodate 10 to 15 employees. The classes are designed for frac hands, but engineers and other employees have found value in the courses. Many participants find that these courses teach them about expendables as well as fluid ends.

Pump University participants receive a certificate upon completion of the program. The certification verifies Pump U graduates are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge of fluid end maintenance practices.

Pump University is just one part of Gardner Denver’s continually growing service options. Gardner Denver makes the most durable pumps and fluid ends in the industry, and proper maintenance training ensures customers can maximize the life of their Gardner Denver products while minimizing costly downtime.

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As the program expands, more classes for more fluid ends and power ends will be offered.

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