1. Built to tackle the most extreme applications. And more.

    For some of the industry’s hardest-running applications, Gardner Denver builds an impressive line of reciprocating, triplex well-service pumps, rated from 165 to 1,250 BHP.

    Drilling Extra

    Gardner Denver Well Servicing Pumps


When you need a rugged pump for the oil and gas industry’s most demanding applications, you need a Gardner Denver well-servicing pump. Our high pressure triplex pumps are rated from 165 to 1,250 BHP. Like most Gardner Denver Pumps products, all the petroleum pumps in our well-service line are engineered to provide the most power with a smaller footprint.

We have a broad selection of these high pressure pumps, each with exacting features for specific applications. Some of our well-service pumps, like the GD-1250, are designed for offshore applications, while others are designed for kill truck operations.

Every Gardner Denver pump is equipped with top-of-the line fluid end and power end components. Each product in our well-service line features or offers options for plungers or pistons for added versatility. Our newest reciprocating triplex pump, the GD-250, features wing-guided frac pump valves. Sub-assembly options vary on each well-service pump.

The features of our powerful and durable well-service pump options vary greatly across product lines. Browse all of our well-service pumps to find the option that best suits your application.

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