1. Answering customer needs with specialized solutions.

    If you’ve got a need, we’ve got a solution. With multiple fluid-end and power configurations (25 to 300 BHP), Gardner Denver's reciprocating plunger pumps are used in continuous duty for a wide range of production and industrial applications. Our triplex and quintuplex pump models are perfect for waterflood, saltwater disposal, steam recovery, pipeline testing, water-blast and hydrocarbon service. 

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    Gardner Denver Production and Industrial Pumps

Production & Industrial

Contact UsAnswering customer needs with specialized solutions.

Gardner Denver Pumps has perfected the art of engineering industrial pumps for production and industrial applications.

Gardner Denver triplex pumps and quinplex industrial pumps are manufactured for various uses. These production pumps can handle dozens of applications, including secondary recovery, oil production, injection wells, produced water disposal, steam recovery, pipeline testing, and hydrocarbon service. Gardner Denver industrial pumps feature broad selection of fluid end and power end configurations for customized solutions.

Our production pumps feature state-of-the-art materials and construction. Gardner Denver has utilized its 150 years of manufacturing expertise to make the best industrial pumps on the market. These pumps stand up to the grueling demands of the oil and gas industry.

With each pump backed by our parts and repair support, our customers experience our outstanding customer service before and after the sale. Contact us to learn more about the industrial or production pump best-suited to your application.


QAF (GD-300Q) Spec Sheet (PDF)

QBX (GD-135Q) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TAC (GD-65T) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TAE (GD-150T) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TDE (GD-180T) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TEE (GD-125T) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TFE (GD-205T) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TQB (GD-25T) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TQC (GD-55T) Spec Sheet (PDF)

TQW (GD-45T) Spec Sheet (PDF)


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