Oil & Gas

From Eagle Ford to Bakken—and back.

We’ve seen our share of shale. All across North America, we understand the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. That’s why our solutions are designed to minimize downtime and production costs while meeting individual customer/regional needs. Our infinitely configurable Black Diamond Hydrostatic Tester takes less people to get the job done thus reducing operational costs.

Featuring the unique Pressure-Trol Valve System, the Black Diamond allows a single operator to control pressure and redirect flow without ever disengaging the clutch or stopping the engine. This significantly reduces component wear. With the addition of a high-volume centrifugal pump, the operator benefits from higher pressure and faster fill rates—nearly four times that of competitor testers.

Additional configurations include custom glycol/cold-weather packages, stainless-steel components for brine-water applications, remote engine throttle and PTO engagement options and an electronic chart recorder with Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity to tablets or laptop computers.


Our Black Diamond Hydrostatic Tester accurately evaluates the integrity of drill, production or casing pipe. Powered by the Gardner Denver Triplex Pump, this competitively priced workhorse is ideal for pipe-yard and pipeline testing, BOP testing and hydraulic fracturing operations. View Detail


We offer a wide range of aftermarket products and replacement parts for our hydrostatic testers, including the Pressure-Trol Valve assembly, available for both our diesel and electric models. View Detail
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