Industrial Cleaning

Blasts away everything. Including the status quo.

Our versatile water-jetting systems provide powerful, environmentally safe solutions for solving difficult cleaning, cutting, and surface preparation problem for numerous applications and industries.

Airports: Removing grease, rubber and hydraulic fluids on runways and expansion joints
Aluminum Plants: Removing hardened bauxite dust on mills, filters, floors, tanks, sumps, sewers and piping
Automotive: Removing paint and solder from booth, conveyors, machinery and grating
Cement Plants: Cleaning hopper cars, bins, floors, cooler hearths and preheater columns
Concrete Demolition: Including milling and rebar exposure
Construction: Cleaning concrete, tar, mortar and mastic from equipment
Chemical Processing: Cleaning boiler tubes, heat exchangers, tanks, pipes, valves, evaporators and reactors
Highway Maintenance: Cleaning paint stripes, expansion joints, graffiti, stains and mastics
Marine: Barnacle and rust removal from ship hulls
Metal Working: Removing mill scale, rust and weld slag; cleaning anodes and cathodes
Mining: Unclogging plant machinery of rock dust, coal, mud or oil; hydraulic cutting and ore recovery
Military & Aerospace: Removal of engine propellant residue
Oilfield: Cleaning drilling mud and cement from drill pipe; removing paraffin and crude residues
Offshore: Underwater cleaning of pipe and drilling platforms
Petrochemical: Removing PVC, PVA, iron oxide, calcium carbonate and sulfate, chlorides, hard polymers, coke, hard carbon on heat exchanger and reboilers; soft polymers, carbon, algae, scum and buildup in heat exchangers, reboilers, reactors, tanks, cooling towers and facilities
Pharmaceutical: Removing unwanted liquids or solids from kettles, pipes, tubes, mixers, heat exchangers, reactors, filters and evaporators
Pipe Yard: Removing rust, varnish, dope and oil from pipe threads, drilling mud and debris
Power Plants: Decontaminating fuel capsules in nuclear reactors; removing scale from boiler tubes, fired flyash from preheater tubes and turbines
Pulp & Paper: Cleaning evaporator, drain lines, tubes, press sections, suction rolls, heat exchangers, stock chests and lines
Refineries: Removing coke, water scale, hard carbon, paraffins and polymers from heat exchanger, pipe tanks and reactors
Rubber Processing: Removing latex, chemigum, SBR and water scale from reactors, pipes, heat exchangers and tanks
Steel Mills: Removing coke, water scale, ore and lime from heat exchangers, boilers, flues, furnaces and hoppers
Surface Preparation: Removing salts, rust, paint, refractory buildup, concrete and marine growth from metal surfaces


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