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    To boost efficiency and keep flow rates consistently high, Gardner Denver offers a range of reliable, reciprocating duplex pumps.

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    Gardner Denver Duplex Pumps

Duplex Pumps

Gardner Denver Pumps offers a full line of reciprocating duplex pumps for many applications. Each Gardner Denver duplex pump is engineered to maintain high efficiency and constant flow rates.

The FX line of duplex pumps is commonly used in oil-line pumping, mine de-watering, and chemical and petroleum products transfer, but has many more applications.

Gardner Denver’s D-Series reciprocating duplex pumps use steam, air and gas to handle a wide range of applications.

Check out our duplex pump product lines to determine which is best for your application.

FX-Series Duplex Power

Our FX line of reciprocating, duplex power pumps can be used for numerous oil field and industrial applications, including oil-line pumping, mine de-watering, chemical and petroleum products transfer. Equipped with high-strength cast iron or steel, the FX pumps can also be used in drilling and mud service, such as water well drilling.


FC FXD Spec Sheet (PDF)

FC FXE Spec Sheet (PDF)

FC FXX Spec Sheet (PDF)

FD FXE Spec Sheet (PDF)

FD FXX Spec Sheet (PDF)

FF FXF Spec Sheet (PDF) 

FG FXG Spec Sheet (PDF)

FY FXD Spec Sheet (PDF)

FY FXE Spec Sheet (PDF)

FY FXX Spec Sheet (PDF)


D-Series Duplex SteamSteam

Our D-Series line of reciprocating, duplex steam, air & gas-operated pumps can capably tackle a wide range of applications. From boiler feed to chemical transfer—these pumps have been proving themselves for decades.


DAA (AA-AA) Spec Sheet (PDF)

DAB (AB-AB) Spec Sheet (PDF)

DAG (AG-AG) Spec Sheet (PDF)

DAG (FG-AG) Spec Sheet (PDF)

DFS (FC-FS) Spec Sheet (PDF)

DFS (FD-FS) Spec Sheet (PDF)

DFS (FY-FS) Spec Sheet (PDF)

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