Digitisation “changing the way we teach and train the newest generation in the oilfield.”

April 9, 2018

Gardner Denver Pumps VP Larry Kerr discusses how digitisation is changing the industry in Oilfield Technology, April 2018

 “Digitisation is fast becoming a tremendous asset for our industry, affording us the opportunity to predict failures, improve maintenance and increase equipment efficiency” writes Larry Kerr, Vice President/General Manager for Petroleum and Industrial Pumps, in the April 2018 edition of Oilfield Technology.

“Digitisation is also changing the way we teach and train the newest generation in the oilfield” writes Kerr. “While this is an historic trend, it also reinforces foundational concepts which should never be eliminated no matter how much we evolve.”

Find out what Kerr believes these foundational concepts are - and why they are more important than ever in the changing oil and natural gas industry.

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