Status quo? Not around here.


Don’t let the fact that we’ve been around so long fool you. We aggressively embrace innovation by not only meeting, but anticipating our customers’ needs. That’s how great products become legendary products.

We’ve built pumps for over 150 years. We’ve designed fluid ends for over 40, continually enhancing geometry to optimize performance. Our proprietary autofrettage process has given the industry a carbon-steel fluid end that lasts three times longer than our competitors’ counterparts—our stainless-steel versions, up to six times longer. Falcon Technology, our latest innovation, combines user-friendly installation with vibration reduction, further extending service life. Simply put, these pumps won’t quit.

We test our products relentlessly in state-of-the-art production facilities to make sure they meet the industry’s highest standards—our own. That commitment doesn’t end with our products. Programs like Pump University and our certified parts and repair network are in place so that our customers can meet their obligations safely, with as little downtime as possible.

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