About Us

We know pumps like no one knows pumps.

Since 1859, Gardner Denver has been a leading global manufacturer of industrial compressors, blowers, pumps, loading arms and fuel systems. We sell our highly engineered and innovative products through worldwide distribution networks for virtually every industry, including oil & gas, automotive, chemical, general and marine. Our customers listen to us because we listen to them, addressing their needs with long-term, high-value solutions.

Pumps are part of our DNA. Our close connections with our customers drive our obsession to continually improve and enhance our product line. We implicitly understand what our pumps are up against in the field. By combining advanced geometry with autofrettage, we have engineered products that are unmatched in quality and reliability. We deliver the longest service life in the industry and are the only company that sells both well-servicing and drilling pumps. Rigorously tested and American-made, they’re smaller, lighter and more powerful, providing the highest productivity and lowest total cost of ownership. Simply put, these pumps last.

That commitment doesn’t end with our product line. Our pumps come with a superior service package—and that’s where the real value comes in. For repair, testing and manufacturing, we have five strategically located facilities: Quincy, Illinois; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Altoona, Pennsylvania; Fort Worth, Texas; and Odessa, Texas. With our CORE Exchange program, we can even have a second pump onsite and ready to go if you ever need a replacement.


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